Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Terrible Weather by Russ

Saturday was an eventful day.  We started the day at tee ball with team pictures followed by a game.  Mr. B had a lead off single (a lead off bunt more accurately) from a coach pitched ball.  (In this league, the coach pitches five balls.  If no balls are hit into the field of play, the child hits off the tee.)

After tee ball, the Wife and I decided to remove the dead branches from a tree in our side yard.  The last thing we wanted was to get a nasty-gram from the HOA about a mostly dead tree.  After we did that, the tree looked rather malformed, so we just finished the process and took the rest of the tree down.  That was a lot of cutting, and it took most of the afternoon but we completed the task.  Now the street is lined with remnants of the eucalyptus tree, and I 'm concerned that the Japanese Maple that had been very happy living in the shadow will be unhappy with all of the sun it will now receive.

To cap the day off we had some rather strong weather.  Severe Thunderstorm warning and a Tornado warning to heighten the fun.  Between the heavy downpours and lightning popping out the window, the kids and Wife were less than happy.  Then we got word of hail in the area, up to softball size, and that really didn't do them any favors.

Please don't get the idea that the Wife was running about the house flapping her arms and declaring that the end was near; if she had, I would have said she was channeling her mother and that would have nipped it in the bud.  As it was, she was making sure we had a place to go, should a tornado appear.  There is nothing wrong with that, however she could have done it in a calmer way so as to not excite the kids.

Back to the hail.  We ended up getting mostly pea sized hail with a few golf ball sized ones thrown in for fun.  So other than some minor damage to my plants, and Mr. B's psyche, there is no real damage.

Mr. B is still talking about the storm.  His first words to me just this morning were, "That was a bad storm three days ago."  He is getting more matter of fact about it and losing the awe factor it had.

It should be noted that Miss L joined me on the leeward side of the house and just watched the weather.  She seemed far more interested in watching what was going on, rather than cowering under the covers like her brother.

There is one fewer tree rat in the world!   The Wife and I were sitting out on the patio last night having our evening sip of brown water (yep, she drinks bourbon now too, it's kind of hot actually), when a juvenile squirrel walked right up to the back door.  I could have reached over and petted it/broke it's neck from where I sat.  Nala the oblivious wonder slept inside at the door and never moved.  The dumb squirrel would have waltzed inside had the door been open.

I called the dog.  She lazily picked up her head.  When she caught the scent, it was over.  I stepped over the squirrel to open the door and let out the dog. 

Long story short, squeal, squeal, silence.

Nala held her head high last night and was rewarded justly.  Now she wants to spend more time outside.


SciFi Dad said...

Good one Nala.

Bijoux said...

The leeward side of the house......I loved that!

I understand your desire to have less tree rats, but I wouldn't be happy about having to take care of a bloody mess.